Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brother Adam

The distance between me and my siblings (not to mention my parents) is geographically challenging. There is an ocean between me and my sis and the better part of a continent separates me from my little brother, who came into my life when I was 17 and in the lands of LJ goes by adamposadas (and this is where I tell you if you aren't already reading him, you should, or you're missing out on gems like this). We are an adventurous bunch, that is for sure.

We spent the holidays of 2010 with my family in the depths of Mississippi. We didn't get everyone together, but we did manage to get Adam, who climbs things. No matter where we are, he climbs things. And I didn't realize this until we became adults with organized photo collections and had the experience of flipping through them and going, "Oh, look who's climbing that ___" wherein ____ stands in for castle, tree, statue, snow bank, telephone pole, thing that shouldn't be climbed up.

That might seem like a tangent, but it isn't. As a detail, it's remarkably central to his character. It used to make me nervous to turn around and find him missing and know that the most likely direction to look was up. But it doesn't anymore. Now, I'm more likely to point out the impossible climbing objects, because it's just plain fun to watch him work.

I have several Adam-related stories from the holidays. I'll get around to them, but really the whole trip really boiled down to this other picture, in which Adam tolerates his sisters.

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