Monday, February 7, 2011

Things that have to do with writing

I'm writing this from beneath a giant moose head. And by giant, I mean, a moose head of EPIC proportions. It grows out of the wall complete with it's own forest. Giant, GIANT moose head.

What does that have to do with writing? Well, more than you'd expect, I suppose. He's the ever-watchful guardian of 23 writers currently challenging the strength of the internet and power lines in Branson, Missouri. He sees EVERYTHING. He knows EVERYTHING. By which, I mean he tweets - @FreddytheMoose. Follow him for the bird's eye view of this little retreat in the snow.

And now for things that follow numbers!
  1. On Friday, as I was madly scrambling to get my house and bags in order, I wrote a complete short story for Tangled Fiction and actually posted. It's called "Water Sacrifice" and I'm quite pleased with it. Here's the snippet meant to entice you. . .
  2. I was twelve the day my papa took me to the clinic in Old Ogallala. He left me in the small waiting room where green light filtered through the spill of lettuce, tomato, and green bean plants in the sky gardens outside while he disappeared down a narrow hallway to speak with the nurse. The air was filled with buzzing and the distant sounds of a radio, but the waiting room was empty except for the girl sitting behind the desk. She held a book to her face and made no signs of having an interest in conversation. I picked a seat and waited staring at a sign that read, “No Water Kept on Premises!”  
  3. Every evening we are here, there is a selection of authors doing a LIVE SHOW hosted by Jackson Pearce. Join in tonight, when Carrie Ryan will be reading a teaser of The Dark and Hollow Places (which is a zombie book and in spite of this, I am not afraid of her). Live chat show time is 8pm EST. Go here to see the show:
  4. I'm really and truly horrible at foosball. I didn't know this had anything to do with writing, but it does.

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