Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Cello Project - December Edition

Finally, finally, finally! Ta-da!


As I said, I'm having a little contest with the dual goals of encouraging everyone kicking off the new year by activating creative powers, and doing something uniquely significant to the cello project. Though the Hairy Coo did a fabulous job of modeling one of the prizes, I'm posting pics of the two bracelets I'll be giving away for sure. 

Enter the Disclaimer!
I am not, nor have I ever been, a jeweler. I am a tinker and an optimistic one at that, so last night I chopped up two of my cello strings and made two bracelets.  I'm naming them after the strings they once were.

Bracelet in the Key of A...made first with nothing but the steal of the string.  This one is very flexible.

And Bracelet in the Key of C....made using the very end of the string to change things up a bit.  This one is less flexible due to girth of the string.

Leave a link to your qualifying post in a comment below.  Also, if you are embarking on a year long creative project of your own, leave me a link in the comments.  I'll be putting together a collection for a post at the end of January because blog projects are more fun in company.  Help me pimp your project!

And it occurs to me that I should have a deadline for this contest, so lets say one week - end of the day on Wednesday, January 19th.  Winners will be announced on Thursday.

And again, thank you, everyone, for making this such a fun project!  <3

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