Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pulling the Tangled Pieces Together

I have an announcement to make. It's one of the little ones, but it feels sort of major and a little profound.

The ladies of Tangled Fiction have put their heads together (yes, I'm aware I'm speaking about myself in the third person) to make this thing we're doing even more accessible. We have heard from a few readers that they prefer waiting until Friday to read the full story all in one go and we think this is pretty keen and have been brainstorming on how to make this easier. And we've done it. Prepare yourselves.

We have created an archive of Tangled Fiction Fulls.

Impressive, right? Once the story has been posted in full, we'll be compiling all of the pieces into a single document and loading them into the archive. This will be hosted over on the Blogger side of things because it's just easier that way. If you visit us there you will notice that we have installed IntenseDebate in order to thread comments, so please use that feature! It will let you comment as a guest, create an IntenseDebate profile, or sign-in with your Twitter or Facebook account.

The Tangled Trio now has two completed shorts up and and I have to say our latest is my favorite so far. Seeing where Valerie and Lacey took this one was exhilarating. You can find it here: What Wishes Are Made Of.

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