Friday, July 13, 2012

Contest: The Blood Keeper

The companion novel to Tessa Gratton's Blood Magic releases in just a few short weeks. August 28th, to be exact. That means it's high time I gave away this precious, precious advanced reader copy I've been coveting. Though totally connected to Blood MagicThe Blood Keeper is a stand-alone and I'm just going to post a snippet from the Kirkus review below because they do a better job than I would with the description.
Will Sanger, high school soccer star, only wanted to free himself from his recurrent nightmares. Mab Prowd, neophyte guardian of the blood magic, only wanted to understand the curse buried beneath her rose garden. But when their choices bind their fates together, an old love story and a long-concealed crime begin to creep into the present. (Full review here.)
But! I'm going to give away more than just an ARC.

One winner will receive an ARC of The Blood Keeper AND a paperback copy of Blood Magic which sports a new cover. Don't they look smashing together?

But wait, there's more! One winner will win a finished copy of The Curiosities which releases on August 1st. And if you are willing to be patient, then I will kindly ask all three of the Merry Fates to personalize it to you when they come to visit at the end of August.

Oh, but wait, there's even more to be had! I will give away up to 50 bundles of swag including signed bookplates from Tessa and bookmarks of The Curiosities and perhaps more if I decide to get creative.

I know you're wondering how you enter. Well! I'm trying something new. I'm going to use one of those fancy contesty gadgets which should do all the tedious work for me.

I'm going on the record as someone who doesn't like contests that force you to follow a person in order to enter. BUT I would love it if you stuck around for a while. At least long enough to decide if you like me. I think I'm pretty likable (and maybe even funny). I post about music and movies and sometimes I give away massive amounts of crit. In the future, I'll post about my debut novel. In general, you can trust me to be on the slightly ridiculous side of things, with the occasional dash of Something Meaningful. So that's my endorsement of myself.


There are two ways to enter:
  1.  - There are three tweets in the widget you may tweet once per day for multiple entries: two that are specific (do not change!) and one that gives you license to be creative (do change!). Do this, by selecting "Do it!" on the widget, then press the "Tweet" button. It will take you directly to twitter. Tweet and you're done!
  2.  - You can make a blog post about the contest and share the cover with your friends (found here).  

So please join me in making a little noise for an author I'm quite fond of.

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If you don't want to enter the contest, but would just like to share it with others, that's totally cool, too.  

Good luck!


  1. Eeek. I hate going constantly and tweeting daily for a contest, but SO doing this for The Curiosities!

    1. Oh, that's good to know. I don't have a good sense about what makes a fun and non-annoying contest for people. Every time I do one, I change it up a little but I really hate forcing people to follow so I promise I'll at least never do that. :)

    2. Oh, it's all good. I need to work for a giveaway; otherwise, I get lazy. ><

  2. I personally love this format!!

  3. This is an awesome contest! I just have one question: is it open internationally?

  4. I plan to share this without entering the contest because I LOVE THE BLOOD KEEPER!!!!!

    SUCH a good book!!!!

  5. I haven't hd a chance to read these, I was also too late to get The Curiosities from the BEA last month. Thanks for the great giveaway

  6. Great giveaway! I live in Canada, AND, even more shocking, I'm not on Facebook, so I don't think I can enter. (It keeps prompting me to log in to Facebook when I click on the widget.) But I RT'd your tweet, because Tessa is an awesome person and I loved BLOOD MAGIC.

    Have fun with your giveaway! I like your blog, so I'll be back to read more. :-)

    1. It forces you to have FB??? That is NO GOOD. Thank you for tweeting and letting me know. I'll definitely count you as an entry. Can you drop the URL here for reference?

      And I'm happy to hear you like the blog. Thank you!