Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two Plunges: Tumblr & Guest Posts

I've resisted Tumblr for a long while. The same way I resisted Twitter until everyone in the known universe had an account except for me (there may be exceptions to this; please, allow me my hyperbole). But the time has come. A name too perfect to pass up arose from an exchange between Tessa and myself and therefore, my Tumblr was born. Once something has a name, it exists, you know.

If you're curious to see what I'll Tumble (and believe me, I am), you can find me here: Obviously Parker.

The other new experience was a guest post that went up about a week ago over at the Adventures in YA & Children's Publishing blog.  This is a fantastic blog, run by people engaged with the publishing work at every level. It is full of excellent resources and advice for writers. In addition every month, they run a workshop on the 1st 5 pages of works in progress. This is one of the best (not to mention generous!) ongoing workshop offers I've seen. Find more details by clicking here.

My guest post is here: The Anatomy of a Good Hook. In which, I use fishing hooks to talk about writing.

Hope you're all off to a grand start this 2012!

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