Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I am different today than I was before

I've had long hair since I was born.* It hasn't always been touch my waist long, but always long enough to pull into a ponytail and more often than not, long enough to get caught in car doors and pick up stray animals. But about two weeks ago, I decided to try something different.

The need for change sort of sprang out of nowhere. I was walking along one day, perfectly content with the long locks, when inspiration attacked and the decision to cut was made. And just like that, I was done with the long hair.

Yesterday, it was as almost as long as it's even been with high school being the only time it ever got close to my hips. It was this long:

And then it was shorter and brighter...

I expected there to be more emotion involved with the snipping of 10 - 12 inches, but there wasn't. It was gone and I was chatting merrily along. My stylist set the first chunk of hair right in my lap and I just kept talking until Tessa stopped me with, "Do you realize what is happening right now?!"

It was a clear sign that it was high time for a change. And boy, oh, boy it is one....


*Suspension of disbelief required here.

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